Touched By Darkness and Ready to Kick Some Ass?

    Could Your Trials Contain Keys to a Magical Life?

    Dear Life Adventurer,

    You are ready to take control and do exactly as you wish in this lifetime, but the past is still haunting you. You know in your heart that this is your world, your life to seize, yet you are still working on integrating certain difficult or even disturbing experiences.

    I understand because I am a fellow adventurer who finds my power and beauty in the stuff of nightmares. I offer you a confidential space of deep insight and healing.  Through my astrological counseling sessions, I provide a dialogue with Self that casts light into darkness as you are ready.

    Erica Peterson, Ph.D.

I Offer:

  • *Insight into the deeply revealing symbols of your astrological chart

  • *Encouragement and compassion

  • *An empathetic perspective on the course of your life’s adventure

  • *Help in distilling out what you find to be truly valuable

  • *Practical strategies for fulfilling your unique potential

  • *Creative assistance in soul-making, meaning-making, and coming into wholeness


  • A meaningful career

  • Satisfying relationships

  • Creativity

  • A positive experience of your body

  • Your intent for this lifetime


"...the best reading I ever had" - D.Y., Berkeley, CA
"I kept encountering insights into my chart that shed light on aspects of myself I did not see before." - G.B., Grand Terrace, CA
"I walked away from our session feeling empowered and enlightened. Thanks, Erica!! " - D.J., Yucaipa, CA